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Our Mission - We make wireless wearables, which improves lives.

Blue Jay Wireless is the socially conscious wireless wearables company. We are a brand dedicated to improving lives in our communities by making and delivering leading wireless wearable products and technologies, which help and enhance society.

Give a Day, the Blue Jay Way

Here at Blue Jay, we believe in serving the community and having a positive impact on society.

Each employee at Blue Jay has a goal to give one out of ten working days back to the community in volunteer service, all for a good cause. Time is so valuable, and offering up our time to serve the community is such a rewarding way to make a positive impact. It can be anything from storm or disaster relief to assisting at a homeless shelter or helping your neighbor. The opportunities to help are literally everywhere. Whatever it is, service to the community is a commitment from us at the Blue Jay Wireless family. No task is too great or too small! By treating that service day as a regular day in the office or out in the field, we make the most of a day at “work”! Best. Day. Ever.

Check out how we are doing as we track our status here for the #giveaday endeavor. Get inspired by everyone’s efforts and how the community is affected.

Time Blue Jay has Donated

  • 2years
  • 256days
  • 13hours
  • 45minutes

Samaritan Program

Many of our employees have a history of service prior to becoming a Blue Jay Samaritan. In fact, we’ve hired over 100 U.S. Veterans to date from all branches of the military.

We love to hire anyone who has a track record of giving back and who understands what it means to sacrifice their time to serve others. We also try to find individuals to join our team who we believe merely need a chance to succeed in life or that may have overcome a disability or unique life challenge.
We are proud of our Samaritans. We love to learn about how we can help even more.

We believe Veterans should be treated as heroes and afforded great career path opportunities when they return home after serving our country. The Blue Jay Samaritan program creates those career advancement opportunities so that our entire team can gain dignity in society while being empowered to help us, help others, help you.

Our Community Partners

We would like to thank our Community Partners for all of their support and for being a part of the Blue Jay family.