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How to Apply for the Blue Jay Wireless Lifeline Phone Program

Download and review the application for your state to check state eligibility requirements.


To qualify you must:
  • Show proof of participation in one of the programs listed on the enrollment application. (send copy)
  • Certify on the enrollment form that you are or a member of your Household and do not already receive a Lifeline Phone Discount – either landline or cellphone.
To apply:
  1. Photocopy your proof of program participation and government issued photo ID
  2. Download, print, and complete enrollment application for your state (on right)
  3. Mail, fax, or email completed application and proof to:
Blue Jay Wireless
4240 International Parkway, Suite 140
Carrollton, TX 75007

Scan and email to:

Questions? Call (855) 425-8529

Blue Jay Wireless Lifeline Application for Puerto Rico:

Recertification Forms

Recertification is required on an annual basis. Learn more about recertification.

Additional Worksheets for Puerto Rico: