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Blue Jay Wireless Mission Statement

Blue Jay Wireless is driven by its mission to connect disadvantaged citizens with employers, family and friends so no one is left behind. Blue Jay Samaritans are courageous individuals who inspire us all, each having overcome unique life challenges of their own. Some have graduated homelessness, some have overcome a disability, and many are veterans which have served in the military. When you become a Blue Jay Wireless customer, you support our mission and our Samaritans. Come visit a Blue Jay Samaritan today to hear their story and discover how to help us help others.

Blue Jay Samaritans Are Courageous Individuals

At Blue Jay Wireless, our enrollment staff are known as Samaritans and they are at the forefront of our business. They are often the first people with which our customers interact and we take great pride in hiring individuals which have had to overcome significant life challenges just as many of our customers may be experiencing right now. Many times, Samaritans will be military veterans returning home and looking for a place to continue to serve the public good while establishing a career path in the private sector work force. Sometimes they are people which may have recently graduated from a homeless situation or have been a Lifeline recipient in the past. We are proud of our many Samaritans so please, click the “Find a Store” link above and visit a Samaritan near you.

Blue Jay Wireless
Provides Lifeline Service
to These States

Lifeline Program

The Lifeline Program offers discounts on landline and wireless telephone service making it affordable for millions of low income citizens who could not otherwise afford it. Every American having access to a phone line has been a goal of the government since 1934 and in today’s communication driven economy this dream has never been more important. Everyone who wishes to be a productive member of the economy must have access to the basic levels of communication provided by a telephone and the Lifeline Program’s goal is to make that pursuit accessible to everyone.


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