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Advantages with Lifeline

What is Lifeline?

Bluejay Wireless is a leading provider of Lifeline, a free government benefit program that offers affordable phone service to eligible Americans. Qualify through programs like SNAP and Medicaid, or based on your household income.

Bluejay Wireless is a leading provider of Lifeline, a free government benefit program that offers affordable phone service to eligible Americans.

  • Qualified customers can get their first smartphone at absolutely no cost.
  • Free Monthly Calling.
  • Send Free messages to any contacts.
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Bluejay Wireless Lifeline customer will receive a free smartphone with free monthly data, free monthly minutes, access to 911 for emergencies, and more.

  • Send messages to any contacts.
  • Make Free calls.
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Our Mission - We distribute technology which improves lives while empowering individuals to serve society.

Blue Jay Wireless is the socially conscious technology distributor. Operating in 18 states and expanding, we believe that everyone should have access to the safety and convenience of wireless service. Blue Jay Wireless participates in the federal Lifeline Program, which is designed to help low-income consumers gain access to important telephone services at reduced rates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Good news! Blue Jay Wireless also offers its Lifeline customers a free wireless phone. Phones are not funded by the Lifeline Program and are offered by Blue Jay Wireless as an investment in our customers. For customers who want more than the basic phone, upgraded phones are available.

Most people qualify for Lifeline by participating in another federal benefit program, such as SNAP or food stamps, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, etc. Others qualify for Lifeline by meeting certain income requirements. Take a look at our Plans page to see the full list of qualifying programs and annual household income limits in your state.

Click on Apply Now and complete the Getting Started section to begin the process. After that you’ll be asked to select your qualifying program or provide information on your income, select a plan, and complete the required certifications. Fill out all the required fields. Don’t forget to upload your proof of participation in a qualifying program or proof of your income!

Lifeline is a federal program that helps people stay connected to their family and friends, employers, and medical care by offering a discount on monthly phone service. Only qualified consumers receive the discount, but we all benefit when everyone has access to phone service. That’s been the idea behind Lifeline and the Universal Service Fund (USF), which provides funding for Lifeline, since the USF was founded by Congress in 1934. The federal Lifeline benefit is generally $9.25 per month. At Blue Jay Wireless, our Lifeline plans include both talk and text for little or no cost to you. For customers who want more than the basic offering, we put that amount towards other discounted plans.

Not by American tax dollars. The Lifeline Program is not a part of the federal budget, and the US Treasury does not collect or oversee Lifeline funds. Instead, the Lifeline Program is funded by the Universal Service Fund (USF). All interstate telecommunications carriers contribute to the USF. The carriers typically pass the cost along to all telecom consumers in the form of a small Universal Service fee that is on monthly phone bills.

No, it does not. Lifeline is a subsidy program that provides for a discount on phone service to qualified low-income individuals. The distribution of phones is actually completed by authorized companies that incur the initial cost of the phones. The subsidy paid by the USF is generally about $9.25 per month in most states. The customer must use the service at least once every thirty days or service is canceled. The customer must also maintain eligibility in order to continue receiving the benefit.

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